Nellie Celebrates 100th Birthday at LIFE in Chambersburg!

SpiriTrust Lutheran LIFE participant and Chambersburg resident Nellie Jacobs turned 100 on October 4 and celebrated with a birthday party at the LIFE Center in Chambersburg.   Guests included Nellie’s daughter, Violet Kling, of Chambersburg, as well as SpiriTrust Lutheran LIFE staff and fellow participants.  Her son, Carl Kling, whom she has not seen in four years, traveled with his wife Pat from Knoxville, TN to surprise her on her big day.   Sporting a ball cap embroidered with the words, “Born in the USA a long, long time ago”, Nellie smiled and tapped her foot as she joined in singing “Happy Birthday.  She was presented with a large and heavy bouquet of 100 flowers.

A participant in the SpiriTrust Lutheran LIFE program since 2013, Nellie didn’t say much in response to the question why she has lived so long except to say, “Just live!” Carol Carmack, LIFE receptionist said, “She’s got spunk!  That’s why she’s lived this long!”  Nina Delgrande, LIFE director, agreed about the spunk, adding, “She is also a very sweet lady with a positive attitude.  She’s a great success story of our program – helping older folks remain independent in their homes and the community, where they want to be.”